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The search engine works in a very interesting way. You are only visible if your clients can find you. If not, your competitors take all the online traffic and unfortunately the local business from you!  We however have a solution for online visibility. All you need to do is put yourself in the shoes of the client and try to identify what comes to their mind as they look for you. That’s not all! We have a lot more to share with you. Grab this opportunity!

Are you looking to increase your visibility to boost your sales? Are you seeking to re-engineer your marketing department and improve visibility? Is this a road your company is looking to travel by all means? If we had the answers to your marketing problems, would you take them? If not, what would stop you?

You’d probably say price. What if we further went on to tell you that the solution is affordable? Compared to the margins the solution promises to yield, the amount to pay for it would be negligible. What this means is the cost is justifiable and an expense worth considering unless growth and expansion is not part of your company’s goal.

Engage a company that understands how online marketing works. Our SEO agency can easily achieve this. Our key responsibility will be to not only optimize your clicks but also to increase them by making you visible. This ensures that for starters, you are not lagging in your market. This is advantageous since you will be ahead in the market with more of your focus being channeled into achieving the company’s vision and better serving your clientele. TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY or else your competition will and all our tools shall instead be at their disposal. Choose to have a competitive edge, your company has come this far. You shall not regret this!


Think of online marketing as regular marketing. The clicks are walk-in customers. The more walk-ins you have, the higher the chances are that you will at least make a sale. We are ready to walk this journey with you and make you hard to ignore. The clicks shall turn into calls and office visits which are what you ultimately require.

How do we plan to do this? We optimize your search names to ensure your ranking is greatly boosted, therefore, making you visible. This includes your website and social media platforms. This is mainly achieved by creating detailed profiles, professional videos, and advertisements with relevant and relatable content. These are then optimized on the search engine to increase clicks. The click would be irrelevant if the content is vague and immaterial.

Do not for one second allow yourself to fondle with the idea that this is by chance. You are seeking to find peace of mind by ensuring your business booms by all means. What you are looking for is the opportunity to have time to handle your personal life while remaining assured that your business is not on fire. This is only possible if you engage our marketing team that ensures clients find you with less effort from you.


As a Texas company, Found Me Online, can serve clients from all over the world. We ensure our clients get the best visibility and ranking to serve their purpose. However, when implemented poorly, SEO can be a waste of both time and money and even be counterproductive. So why risk and try out a different company? We are not saying they don’t know what they are doing, but we are neither disputing this. Our portfolio speaks volumes and our referrals can confirm this.

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