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Why Is Digital Marketing So Important? Top 3 Reasons

Digital Marketing has become such a crucial component of a comprehensive marketing mix. While in the past digital marketing might have been an afterthought, it should now be considered the central component of the mix. After all, the internet has become so integral in just about everything we do as consumers. Therefore, as a business, it is perhaps the most important thing to get a digital marketing expert.

Below, we will discuss some of the reasons digital marketing has become so important. 

1. Targeting

One of the main reasons digital marketing has become such a crucial component of an effective and comprehensive marketing mix has to do with the ability to target a specific demographic. There is so much power in targeting. This is why businesses pay so much for the information platforms are able to provide. With Facebook, Google, and other platforms mining so much consumer data, there is more opportunity than ever before to directly target your most valuable customers.

Rather than advertise with no targeting at all which is incredibly ineffective and inefficient, you will be able to target prospective customers most likely to convert into actual customers for your business. Being able to target so precisely can help small businesses with less of a budget compete with larger businesses by simply being more efficient and effective with their advertising targeting. This is the reason why digital marketing is important for small businesses. After all, if you are spending too much on advertising and marketing to those unlikely to convert, your customer acquisition costs will increase.

2. Better Tracking

Along with being able to target much better with digital marketing, you will also be able to track everything as precisely as possible. When you use traditional offline forms of marketing, you rarely get the kind of tracking that you are able to get with digital marketing. For instance, if you send out a direct mail piece or you pay for a billboard, you won’t get accurate tracking details on how many people actually looked at your advertisement. Therefore, you can’t necessarily tell whether or not your campaign was a success.

Thus, you won’t be able to optimize the campaign nor will you be able to determine if it was worth the cost of your allotted marketing budget. Without this kind of data, you simply cannot craft a highly optimized marketing strategy. This is exactly what digital marketing is capable of providing. By leveraging the power of tracking through your digital marketing efforts, you will be able to determine what strategies are working, what can be tweaked to help strategies perform better, and it can help you figure out how to better spend your marketing budget. It is simply the superior way to market a business because you have real data to base decisions on.

3. Scalability

Another reason digital marketing has become such a powerful tool for businesses is its scalability. Unlike offline advertising and marketing strategies that can cost a significant amount, you will be able to start small and continue to scale once you perfect your methods. With digital marketing, you have the ability to run pay per click ads with an almost non-existent budget. This means that any small business can fit PPC advertising into their budget.

Because of this, it is not only viable, but it is highly scalable. Once you are able to test and tweak your ads to perform and convert at the highest rate, you can scale your advertising budget to adjust which will allow you to see extremely good results. You can search online what are the types of digital marketing and know which strategy you can focus on that will generate more customers to your business.

Whereas, if you wanted to invest in a television commercial and you wanted to make changes to it, you would have to pay to redo the entire video production and you would have to pay for additional time slots to air your commercial. With digital marketing, you have something that is incredibly flexible and scalable. 

As you can see, digital marketing has become so much more cost-effective compared to offline marketing. No matter if your business is large or small, it is the better way to spend your marketing dollars. Find out what are the examples of digital marketing and try it for your business.

While it doesn’t mean other marketing strategies should be completely eliminated, it is the clear winner when it comes to maximizing your marketing budget. After all, it offers superior targeting, better tracking, and the ability to scale your campaigns with ease.