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Is your competition dominating businesses in your area? Is your company not featuring in the top list of search engines? Do you have any idea what your future customers search for when trying to locate your business? Are you feeling frustrated, helpless, and lost? Worry no more because you searched for the best company to lead your business to the top: Found Me Online.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of altering your website content and design to ensure that your website is more appealing to the search engines by showing certain keywords as the top result of searches: your company, the search engine, and the searcher. An SEO service agency assists or partners with companies to improve the visibility of their businesses using online search engines, as an increased online presence using search engines means more traffic being directed to the web page which leads to more sales. Your aim is to appear on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)


Found Me Online based in Houston, Texas is the leading Digital Marketing SEO company in the United States. It was established in 2011 and offers a broad range of online marketing services: web design, reputation management, and social media marketing, with a dominant and proven track record of getting clients on the first page of Google both locally and globally.


Investing in a renowned and result-oriented SEO agency like Found Me Online is crucial to the growth of your online business, as the services they provide are important and vital to your success. The key services that the company provides are:

  • COMPETITOR SURVEY – will create a competitor analysis by researching offline and online competition, keywords, content, and links of competing websites in order to come up with the most successful and effective strategy, that can be implemented in the marketing tactics so as to have an added advantage on your competition.
  • CUSTOMIZED STRATEGY – fine-tune and tailor-make the SEO according to the client’s specifications and niche, so as to get the best return on investment for a customized strategy is the greatest priority for most businesses.
  • ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION – focus on optimizing the page content for relevant keywords and user experience, while also ensuring that the user has on-page intent and query satisfaction upon searching, researching relevant keywords that radiate a strong search capacity and balances with relevance outbound links.
  • AUDIT REPORT – record detailed analysis to determine the correlation between the webpage and SEO practices also including the client’s successes or failures in the business. This information will ensure that the team is well equipped to implement the necessary adjustments, and recommendations where and when need be. An audit looks at website features that determine a web page SERP ranking which includes and is not limited to image alt texts, page titles, and broken links.
  • MONTHLY REPORTS – provide the client with monthly performance reports detailing how well the revamped SEO strategy is operating. The report will cover conversion goal & rate completion survey, page speed Insights & page traffic level/channels, rankings and links, time on site & bounce rate, a final note, future recommendations & Execution plan.
  • OFF-PAGE OPTIMIZATION – concentrate on creating and building links from relevant and authoritative websites. Link building is a sure way to steer online traffic back to the client’s webpage and show search engines that the client’s site is genuine and reputable.

We are take pride and have confidence in our services and believe that upon engaging us, you will receive more web traffic, leads, phone calls, and money, thus assuring you an impressive Return On Investment(ROI). With Found Me Online you will definitely attain and achieve all your business goals because we will not only solve your marketing problems but steer quality customers to your web page at an affordable rate. 

Our main objective is to aid you in putting your business at the forefront of your field of expertise, so having a webpage that is not only user friendly but easy to comprehend to both users and search engines is key, so we ensure that by managing your social media presence, website and video adverts by placing them at the top rank of search engines, you will thrive and soar in leaps and bounds. 

For any queries, you may have, kindly call us on Tel no: +1(866) 207-7477, send us an email at [email protected] or visit our corporate offices at 23820 Lenze Rd #C, Spring, TX 77389. We are looking forward to transforming your business.

To be the best in business requires you to make the right decisions pertaining to your company: being successful and flourishing must be your desire, we are your No. 1 choice to make it happen: Found Me Online is your online guide to your digital business breakthrough and dreams.

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