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What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing? A Helpful Guide

If you are eager to learn about every digital marketing strategy available, you are in for a very long lesson. This is because digital marketing combines all the tactics to grow your business via digital means. So, what are the examples of digital marketing? There are several common and popular strategies, which are going to be discussed in a second. As for the rest, you will quickly learn you are only limited by your imagination. How you combine strategies and whether you feel like creating a new method is all up to you. 

The success of your marketing effort will depend on how you do your strategies. All businesses, large or small, can benefit from digital marketing because it is the most cost-effective way to market a business and the most powerful form of marketing where small businesses can also compete with large businesses. These are some of the reasons why digital marketing is important for small businesses

Before jumping over to digital marketing, you should have a concrete marketing plan or strategy for your business. You must know the different types of digital marketing and see which of these can help with your business. You will realize along the way why is digital marketing so important for your business.

But for now, the attention is going to fall on digital marketing strategies with solid reputations. These are going to give you some perspective on how extensive your options really are. 

Types Of Digital Marketing 

  •  Content Marketing 

The content of a website can be very influential if it adheres to certain criteria. For instance, if the site where the article is published ranks relatively high, users will naturally give the content the benefit of the doubt. But the content should also be helpful, informative, or entertaining. Whoever reads the post should feel compelled to click where you want them to. 

  •  Search Engine Optimization 

Keep in mind that marketing is different from advertising. The former serves as an infrastructure for the latter, and an optimized website is the perfect example of this relationship. Essentially, an optimized website helps the website to rank higher. And the higher it ranks the more organic exposure the site is bound to get.

The best part is that SEO helps in a passive way. This means you have to maintain site visibility, but it does not have to happen every day. For this reason, many businesses are hiring search engine optimization experts to optimize their site and help in obtaining organic traffic for the website.

  •  Email Lists 

Being able to reach potential clients directly can be incredibly powerful for your business. This is exactly what an email list is for. Your aim should be to build one, which you can use to stay in touch with those who might show interest. However, just like every other strategy on this list, you need to use the email list with tact. Bombarding people on the list with mails they regard as useless will only get you spammed. So, once you gain the trust of someone by getting their email, use this information wisely. 

  •  Pay Per Click 

Another popular way to quickly get your website, product or service in front of the public eye is through pay per click advertising. Want an example? Google Adwords is one of the strong publishers where you can make use of pay per click ads. And every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay for it. Hence the reason for using this approach only when you know what you are doing. Because as powerful as this channel of digital marketing can be, it can be just as damaging to your budget. 

  •  Social Media 

It seems like more and more social media platforms are joining the race for new users. But this is not what you should be focusing on. Instead, you have to make peace with the fact that social media is part of modern society. And if you tap into these social media platforms then you can stand to grow your business much quicker than you anticipate. Not only does it present as a source of traffic, but there are people willing to spend money. You just have to use targeted marketing if you want to see higher returns on your digital marketing investment. 

  •  Link Building 

If you ask digital marketing agencies about link building, they will tell you how important this method can be for developing businesses. But there are a few catches. Firstly, you need the other sites to be open and willing to post your link. And secondly, you usually post the link with a guest post, which should be written according to the quality of the site. 

  •  Software To Monitoring Everything 

Finally, digital marketing is great in the sense that you can monitoring just about every angle. From how people react when they land on your site to split testing your ads, you have a world of tools at your disposal. You just need to know how to use them. 

The alternative is to hire a professional digital marketing agency. Once they assess your goals and business model, there is a good chance they can present you with an affordable package.