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Accountant Firm SEO

SEO Services For Accountants & CPA Firms

Here at Found Me Online, we specialize in search engine optimization in order to increase traffic and improve the visibility of your accounting firm’s website.

Search engines, like Bing or Google, are staples that a majority of businesses rely on to obtain new clients. However, when a potential client types “accounting firm” into a search engine, are you aware of the number of search results come back?

More than 28 million. So, what can you do to get your accounting firm notice when businesses or individuals are searching for accounting services?

Why SEO Is So Important For CPA & Accounting Firms?

The days are long gone when clients searched for businesses in the phone book. The internet now offers search results by the millions in just a few seconds. The volume of this information provides your prospective clients with the opportunity to read reviews about your competitors and you, research numerous accounting firms and then determine where your business is situated in proximity to where they work or live.

Your accounting firm’s goal, of course, is to show up on the first page of the search results to get the most traffic for your website. However, there are more than 200 factors involved in search engine rankings, so it takes more than simply putting a website up to get them to the top of the search results.

Use SEO To Enhance Your Organic Reach

How can you drive traffic to your website from Yahoo, Bing, or Google if you aren’t showing up high in the search engines results? In order to make your website really stand out and attract additional clients for your CPA firm, it is essential for your accounting website to have effective SEO or search engine optimization. The most cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy for becoming more visible for your local audience is strategic SEO. Also, when your website is maintained correctly, you can enjoy excellent search engine results for success and visibility over the long term.

Show Up In Local Search Results

Local traffic is necessary in order for your business success, and that is why geographic optimization is what we focus on for our clients. When the content of your website is optimized to include service areas and keywords ha are searched for by your potential clients, your website will climb up the search result pages rankings.

Qualified Lead Generation

When you determine the kind of clientele you would like for your business and properly optimize your website it will result in an increase in the right kind of traffic that your firm is looking for. After you have determined your target audience, we can then concentrate our marketing efforts in order to drive these kinds of clients to your firm’s website.

SEO Benefits For CPA Firms:

  • Obtain Visibility
  • Be found online from consumer searches
  • Out-rank the Competition
  • Jump ahead of the competition in the search rankings
  • Obtain More Leads
  • Generate high-quality leads that will convert into high-value clients
  • Drive Revenue
  • Maximize ROI while increasing new business

Why The Best Option For Your Accounting Firm Is Found Me Online

Found Me Online is highly experienced and skilled in digital marketing for the accounting and financial industry. We know how prospective clients interact with accounting and CPA websites. The professionals on our team have the expertise in precisely which SEO best practices are most effective for accountants to create a custom marketing plan that will suit your firm the best. That can include social media posting, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and online reputation management as well.

Whether you provide your clients with tax services, financial planning or business audits, we have the same goal as yours: for prospective clients to find your business website on the top of the search results. We want to work with you closely as an extension of your brand and team and focus how to expand your visibility and convert a higher number of visitors into clients and allow you to focus on operating your business.

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