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Bank SEO

Learn About SEO For Banks

We offer community banks, as well as credit unions, SEO services which revolve around a trio of primary pillars. The first is general SEO which makes sure that your website is currently compliant with SEO-industry standards. The second is local SEO which makes sure you show up in local search results. The third one is search appearance, which ensures that at the times that your credit union or bank shows up in search results, it does so in a way that brings more visits.

Why does SEO for credit unions or banks prove so essential? Brand credibility is the big thing here, because people who use Google, trust Google. Showing up in the top search results of Google offers you credibility.

It gives you a far better ROI than ads ever will. Anyone visiting your credit union or bank website that comes to you from Google will be far more valuable than visitors you get thanks to ads. It demonstrates intent. An organic visitor is far more likely to convert into an actual lead.

Your competitors are already doing it. Regardless of whether or not SEO is for credit unions, banks, or even other businesses, it’s something which nearly everyone does give how advantageous it is to do so. If your competition is doing it, they’re likely ranking higher than you are, which can happen even if you’re offering superior products and services. So, if you’d like to remain competitive, then you should start doing your own bank or credit union SEO just as soon as you can.

You’ll definitely increase your traffic. This lets you make the most of your traffic. SEO gives you results. They happen somewhat quickly, but not immediately. Still, the quicker you start your SEO efforts for your credit union or bank, then the quicker your traffic will start growing at a steady pace.

You also get more access to data. The Analytics and Search Console have reports which give you greater insights into specific search terms that people are using to reach the website of your bank or credit union. This information can help you analyze the behavior of your customers, which ultimately helps you improve your various products and services.

Why does local SEO for a credit union or bank prove so vital? It’s because your customers are using the Internet to find the local businesses they want or need. They do this on both mobile and desktop devices for all the businesses they need, including your credit union or bank.

Google offers local businesses advantages in local searches, putting them up above any organic results that are typically owned by the biggest players in each industry.

Some More Things You Should Know About SEO For Your Bank

There are other things that you should know:

  • Half of all consumers who do a local search using their smartphone wind up visiting someone’s store in the next 24 hours.
  • Nearly 20 percent of all local mobile searches wind up leading to an actual sale in those 24 hours.
  • Over half of all American adults use their smartphones and tablets to look for information about local products and services.

Why is search appearance so essential for your credit union or bank? Good search appearance (think structured data) can improve a website’s ranking, how your financial institution looks in search results, and have a positive impact on how many people wind up clicking on your website in the search results.

What can your credit or union expect from SEO? You can expect many things, including increased website traffic, traffic that is more relevant and/or targeted, growth in leads and possible customers, more foot traffic, and overall more sales.

How do we do SEO for credit unions and banks? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution which works for everyone. That’s why we customize our SEO process to suit your needs.


We start things off by analyzing your business and its goals, as well as the behavior of your competition and your own past campaigns.

SEO Auditing

We will analyze the performance of your website on different search engines.

Keyword Research

We’ll identify the most popular phrases and words which online people use when finding your services.

On-Page SEO

Based on all the previous information, we will start the processes of optimization for both your code and content.

Local SEO

Add and improve the credit union and bank listings you have on major directories and search engines.


We will continuously monitory your SEO results in order to make tweaks that get you the maximum results.

Some of the other financial verticals we provide these services to are:

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