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Income Tax Services SEO

Tax Specialist SEO Practices

Robustly Tested SEO Strategies For Tax Specialists

Tax specialists’ websites require search engine optimization to ensure success. Many people need help doing their taxes. Tax laws are complicated and continually change. Furthermore, tax laws vary from state to state. Consumers often turn to Google to find the help that they need from a tax specialist in their city. If you are a tax specialist or a CPA, you need to have a website that has been optimized using search engine optimization. Then, your potential clients will be able to find your business easier.

CPA Lead Generation

CPAs can benefit from SEO because it helps boost traffic to their website. The higher your website ranks with search engines, the more potential visitors you will receive. Then, you can turn these visits into leads. With SEO you do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising. SEO does not cost as much as advertising, providing you with long-term, cost-effective advertising.

Targeting CPA & Tax Keywords

People will use a variety of keywords when they are searching for a CPA or tax specialist online. It can be overwhelming to gather all of these keywords yourself. An SEO professional uses specialized online tools to analyze your competitors and determine the best keywords for your business. When an SEO professional does your keyword research, you will have the best keywords based on your business and begin to incorporate those keywords in your web pages, videos, blog posts, and social media posts.

Get To The Top In Local Searches

As a tax professional, you provide services for people living in your area. You may need to meet your clients in person, so those who live hundreds of miles away are not typically the clients that you are looking for. Instead, you want to target a local area, which means you should focus on local SEO. We will determine the best keywords based on your location. They will also list your website on local directories, collect customer reviews, etc. to ensure that we provide you with the help you need to get to the top ranking on local web searches for tax specialists in your area.

Found Me Online Is The Trusted Choice

You want an SEO specialist that has the knowledge needed to properly optimize your website. You also want an ethical SEO provider. When you find a trusted SEO specialist, your clientele and your business will begin to grow. Your website will rank higher on Google and other search providers, which will garner more website visits. Found Me Online is the secret that select business owners turn to when they want to expand their business online.

Website Overview

We will thoroughly inspect your website and look at everything that has been done in the past. We will make sure that the important SEO factors, including site speed, content, and canonical structure are properly handled on your website. This part of the service is quite technical.

Traffic Generating Keywords & Website Analysis

This is a vital stage of the SEO procedure. We research the keywords that will generate the most traffic and help you convert visitors into clients. Mastering your niche market results in a higher return on investment. We will provide you with a list of keywords and traffic counts and advise you on the changes that need to be made. You always have the final decision on the keywords that will be used.

Competition Reverse Engineering

We determine what your competitors are doing to generate traffic and do it better. We will comb through their backlinks and site structures to determine why they are receiving top rankings. Found Me Online specializes in creating the best search engine optimization of your website to ensure that your website ranks on the first page of all internet searches to make your company profitable and unstoppable!

If you are ready to take your tax business to the next level, contact us or call today and learn how we can help you succeed.

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