The Importance Of Keyword Research In SEO

Is Keyword Research Still Valuable in SEO?

When you create a strategy for your business’s SEO efforts, it may be quite tempting to skip the keyword research phase. Considering this is your business, you are the one person who should know the main keywords that people would be searching to find you online, right?

One of the more interesting aspects of keyword research is that we have the ability to learn a considerable amount about how people are searching online and it is generally not what we think.

Many also believe that search engines are placing less emphasis on keywords, however, that is not necessarily true.

The truth of the matter is that keyword research is an essential element of search engine optimization and in some aspects, the most important part of the process.

Let’s take a few minutes and understand why it matters.

Choosing The Wrong Keywords

With the proper keyword research, it is possible to select the wrong keywords for your service or business. Research is one of the most important parts of the initial SEO process, by skipping it or doing it incorrectly is setting you up for failure.

Some typical examples of choosing keywords incorrectly include:

  • Incorrect Usage
  • Low Search Volume

Keywords that do not have a high volume of search simply means there are not that many people seeking out the topic. Any content that includes this type of keyword is simply not going to be seen due to the fact that few people are searching it.

Whereas keywords with high competition levels will mean that it is going to take some serious power and investing to see them rank highly. There are going to be far too many other pages competing for this keyword.

When you seek out keywords that have little significance to your site, visitors will not stay on it for long periods of time. However, this type of behavior is really going to hurt the bounce rate which will impact your SEO efforts in a negative aspect.

Keyword research is essential for SEO as it is going to allow you to focus on competition and volume of the keywords you are seeking to use. Additionally, it will support the changes that will need to be made in any ongoing efforts.

Keywords Give Essential Information About Your Pages

When you have complete the keyword research portion of your SEO phase, you will start to assign the best keywords to each page of the website. However, it is essential that those keywords are placed on relevant pages and used in a proper manner.

Keywords are essential to SEO as they help communicate the overall theme of a page to the website. In addition to off-page and on-page optimization, the keywords will help support the general theme of the page.

Research Is The Essential Element Of Keyword Clustering

The art of clustering keywords is the new “it” term in SEO and has gained much traction as it is possible for one page to rank for many keywords.

Before you are able to begin a cluster, you will need to have done some keyword research. You need to find a theme within a page and use the right keywords in an effort to create a core topic.

Research is the element that will allow you to group keywords in themes with relevant subtopics. It is possible to build content around these general core topics and help your pages reach higher in the search engines.

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