How Digital Marketing Operates In Houston Pt 3

All You Need To Know About Houston Digital Marketing

Part 3

PPC Advertising

Even though your company’s digital marketing strategy should be focusing on generating as much organic traffic as you can possibly get, it’s not wise to ignore how powerful pay-per-click ads can be. PPC ads mean paying ad publishers each time that a new lead actually clicks on an ad of yours. One of the most popular and successful kinds of PC ads is Google AdWords. These can get your business showing up not only on the first search engine results page but also over the organic listings.

You might be curious about why you would want to pay for ads when you’re currently trying to boost your website’s SEO. It’s a good question. The truth is that while SEO is essential, it can still take time for it to generate results. PPC ads can fill in during the meantime. PPC ads get you results much more quickly since your site is at the very top of any search results pages for related search terms. When you show up on the first page of relevant SERPs, your company gets more visibility, making it much more likely that searchers find and then click onto your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is just another component of digital marketing. Businesses put out branded emails in order to reach out to the core audience they want. Use marketing emails to spread the word about any special deals or promotions you have, build up your sector position, boost brand awareness, and promote any events you have coming up.

The specific content of any marketing emails you put out should be based on what your particular campaign goals are. The following are only several examples of the kinds of email marketing content that you might come up with as part of your digital marketing efforts:

  • Sending out welcome emails anytime you get new users who subscribe to your company’s marketing list. These should tell them what’s likely to happen through your brand emails.
  • Delivering promotional content. Put news and information about future discounts and sales right in the inboxes of those who might buy from you.
  • Developing a periodic newsletter. Deliver this to subscribers so they have the latest content and business updates about your company.
  • Emailing leads once they download any content from your company site. Thank them for any interest they show. Also, take advantage of this opportunity to suggest relevant content to them.
  • Recommendations about other content assets or products. These should be based on the buying and browsing patterns of your customers and leads.
  • Nurturing new leads that have shown interest. Many companies make the mistake of only trying to use email marketing for generating new leads, but it works far more effectively in following up with those that look even remotely interested as well as handling customer retention.

As with all the other techniques already listed earlier, email marketing isn’t used just by itself. Yes, you could make a monthly newsletter for promoting specials via email, but email marketing is also something you can use to support other techniques, be it social media or content marketing.

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