Choosing Between SEO & PPC For Your Website In Houston

Thoughtful Ideas About SEO & PPC For Your Houston Website

There are 2 basic options available to you for increasing the traffic to your website: search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

There are different sources of pay-per-click advertising to get traffic. Some of the popular options include Yahoo search marketing and Google AdWords among others. These advertising programs allow you to put your ads in the section marked for sponsored results in the organic results page of search engines. You pay only when a user clicks on your ad to go to the landing page. The fee you pay for that click depends on the competitiveness of the chosen keyword.

The second option is to get high rankings in the organic search results and get that organic traffic for free. The organic or natural search results are shown next to the sponsored search results. In order to achieve high rankings for your webpages and consequently, get higher traffic, you have to follow the best practices for SEO. Achieving high rankings in the search results may take time but the investment is going to be worth it as it will lead to a huge amount of free and highly targeted traffic.

You must be wondering how to go about choosing between these options. The right answer depends on your unique requirements as well as your budget. PPC is the right choice in case you have the budget to pay for the ads and you need to get traffic fast. However, if your budget isn’t much, it makes much more sense to get traffic through SEO by achieving higher search rankings.

Here’s a list of 3 important parameters you should carefully consider in order to choose between PPC and SEO for your business:

1. Amount Of Website Advertising Budget

The first thing you need to look at is the overall size of your advertising budget. You have the freedom to set your own daily spending limit and you can go as low as you want but it’s recommended to start with a minimum budget of $5-$10 a day. Free SEO methods are a better option in case you can’t afford to spend money on advertising. You should spend some money on PPC advertising even if you can afford to spend only a little.

2. Average Cost Per Click In Your Industry

PPC is a competitive game which means you not only need to set your own advertising budget but you also need to care about the rates being paid by other businesses in your industry.

The amount users have to pay for a single keyword click is known as cost per click and users on PPC platforms are allowed to specify the amount they want to pay for a single click.

3. Organic Competition In Your Niche

You need to figure out the competitiveness of your target keywords in the organic search engine result pages. For this, you need to enter the chosen keywords into the Keyword Research Tool by Google. It will give you an estimate of the competition level, the average cost per click for those keywords as well as the number of advertisers currently bidding on those keywords.

You will find that in highly competitive industries, the organic search results are typically dominated by high authority websites. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to displace these authority websites without investing a lot of time and money. If that is the case, driving traffic through PPC advertising makes much more sense.

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